New US Navy Strategy to Prevent China from Taking over Taiwan

The new US naval strategy aims to prevent China from taking over Taiwan and neutralize China’s maritime military expansion. according to Became Secretary of the Navy in the Defense News Report.

The announcement begins with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) expanding its military presence and bases in the South China Sea, threatening an invasion of Taiwan.

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said in a guidance preview of Defense News on October 5 that the new U.S. strategy would maintain U.S. naval control and form strong partnerships primarily with countries in the Indo-Pacific region. Said that would be included. Guidance will be released this week.

Deltoro said the goal was not to fight China. “No one wants to be involved in a conflict …. It is our ultimate responsibility to discourage what they are trying to accomplish, such as taking over Taiwan.”

To this end, Deltoro said the top priority was to plan the defense budget accordingly and make immediate investments to deter China. According to Defense News, he said the U.S. Navy is willing to make harsh decisions so that the Navy “has the right combination and number of platforms and weapons for the full range of tomorrow’s threats.” rice field.

Taiwan is an important base in the fight against the Chinese Communist Party and acts as a barrier to the Chinese Navy as it “holds the key between the East China Sea and the South China Sea and holds the PLA Navy within the first island chain.” doing. Bradley A. Sayer, a founding member of the current Danger China. He also pointed out that Taiwan’s position should make it an important base and be well armed to protect itself in the event of a persistent conflict.

The CCP threatens to force Taiwan into control because it claims the island nation as part of its territory, despite Taiwan’s self-governing democracy with independent military and currency. .. Experts believe that the Chinese administration has made significant military progress towards invading the island.

Developing partnerships with countries in the Indo-Pacific region, especially Australia, Indonesia, India and the Philippines, is “very important” in addressing Beijing’s threat of hijacking Taiwan, Deltoro said in a Defense News report. Said in. He wants to form a powerful navy of 600 to 1,000 ships with his allies and partners.

According to Defense News, Deltoro also said it was important to provide Taiwan with “the necessary weapons, weapons and skills … to protect itself.” However, the US maritime presence should not be limited to the South China Sea, “Chinese are everywhere. They are down the Pacific coast of Latin America and down the west coast of Africa,” so they must spread to the world. Must be. He said this was probably the result of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI, also known as “Belt and Road”).

China’s BRI project is called debt trap diplomacy because the Chinese Communist Party is providing developing countries with unpaid loans to build infrastructure, including ports. Countries are then forced to repay them by granting long-term leases of infrastructure using loans.

“It’s important to understand why …” Del Toro said. [the] Countries are making the investments they make, “he said, and see if the United States can help them solve problems in a safer way.

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