New website offers list of ‘unawakened’ trustee candidates


A new website called “” provides Ontarians with a list of “unawakened” candidates to run for the school board elections scheduled for October 24.

“The sole purpose of this project is to remove awakened councilors,” the website’s anonymous founder, known by the name Matt, said in an email to the Epoch Times. “Trusters who can reasonably be established as unawakened are listed on the site as recommendations to voters.”

VoteAgainstWoke provides three steps for site visitors to follow. First, you can choose either the British Catholic or the British Public School System before being directed to a list of all Ontario Boards in either category. Voters can then select a constituency to see which candidates running in that constituency are considered “unawakened.”

“You can’t identify people who aren’t awake,” says Matt. “Crowdsourcing does.”

The founders have gathered feedback from both Twitter and the forums to show what members think of the candidates for council and their policy positions.

“We do not dictate or suggest policies to the unawakened trustees we recommend. Their platforms and policies are not vetted by the site,” Matt wrote.

“Policies differ across the political spectrum, with some exceptions. This new so-called ‘awakening’ spectrum has been cut off. ”

“Cancel Climate”

Matt said he would remain anonymous about his role due to the “current cancellation vibe.”

“There’s no doubt that in my industry outside of education, I’m going to face a lot of problems related to this,” he said.

So far, in about 30% of Ontario’s school board districts and school districts, Matt says the website has identified at least one “unawakened” candidate.

He added that some boards have far more “unawakened” candidates than others. For example, the Waterloo Area Schools Board (WRDSB) made headlines after silencing a teacher who voiced concerns about age during a meeting. – Appropriateness of specific library materials.

Shortly thereafter, the Board of Directors, in a private meeting, decided to suspend Mike Ramsay, who has served as trustee for more than 30 years, for alleged violations of the Code of Conduct. Ramsay recently posted documents online indicating that his suspension, which he is challenging in court, is allegedly related to his public criticism of the WRDSB’s actions.

Matt says he started after hearing the same question over and over again from many of his neighbors.

“Nobody had a good answer,” he said. “Because it’s a small election, many candidates don’t even have a website (although they have a long-term impact).”

Some boards have a large number of “unawakened” candidates running for office, while others have none at all, he said.

“Our argument is that political infiltration into schools keeps children from attending school, even though we live in a country with high taxes and are supposed to benefit from well-funded schools. It revolves around the frustration of facing the reality of coming to a point where you can’t let go, Matt said.

“It is very important to keep politics out of schools and have the best education system in the world.”

peter wilson


Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.