New York City bail reform slammed after repeat offender attacks 42nd time


Robert Kelly, vice president of the New York City Transit Union, lashed out at the city’s bail reform on national television after a subway “hero” employee was attacked by a repeat offender about two months ago.

Kelly criticized the city. bail reform during his performanceFox & Friends FirstMonday marks more than a month since Alexander Wright, 49, was accused of assaulting an off-duty subway worker in the Bronx in August.

This has to stop. The new bail system must change. Again and again, in that he is free, this man shouldn’t even have the privilege of being under the new bail reform.

If you hit him 40 times, you’d think they’d lock him up and throw out the key,” he continued.

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A subway accident occurred at Pelham Bay Park station on August 11, with the victim, identified as Anthony Nelson, 35, summoned by passengers. help two strap hangers Wright was harassing. Nelson, who was off duty at the time, rushed to help the victim.

After Nelson arrived on the scene to get an account of the police harassment, Wright reportedly punched him in the face as he walked away. A subway employee suffered a dislocated nose and a broken collarbone in the attack.

Despite being injured, he and another man held Wright down until authorities arrived. Wright was charged with assault and harassment. He was arraigned last week and now he is being held on Rikers Island on $5,000 bail.

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Prior to the August incident, Wright already had more than 40 arrests. Attack on Asian woman in New York City’s Chinatown May 2021.

“I never thought I’d say this, but at the end of the day, MTA employees have a more dangerous job than the NYPD,” Kelley said. “At least they [the NYPD] We have weapons to defend ourselves… none of our members have. ”

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