New York City Mayor Eric Adams apologizes for using racist terms

New York (AP) — New York City Mayor Eric Adams apologized on Friday after a 2019 video emerged showing that he was using ethnic slur for whites when talking about the New York Police Department. ..

video, First reported by New York Daily NewsShows a black man, Adams, speaking at a private event in December 2019 early in the mayoral elections.

Adams was a former New York Police Department and was promoted to captain before taking up an elected position. While at the New York Police Department, he became an outspoken critic of the police and co-founded 100 black advocates of law enforcement agencies who promoted criminal judicial reform and voiced opposition to police atrocities. Did.

Talking to Harlem’s business group, Adams said: It was unbelievable at a police station with 100 blacks in law enforcement. The line was applauded.

Adams was asked about the video at a press conference on Friday, saying “I definitely want to apologize” for his remarks and called them “inappropriate.”

“Inappropriate comments shouldn’t have been used. Someone used the comment to play with the word and asked me a question. I answered in that comment. But obviously it’s used. It’s a comment that shouldn’t be made, and I apologize to the New Yorkers not only for those who heard it, but because they should expect more from me, and that was inappropriate, “Adams said. ..

The term has often been regarded as a derogatory term for poor southern whites, but the origin of the term is not entirely clear.

2013 Report from NPR It turns out that the term was used as an insult until the 17th century and later used to refer to Scottish Irish immigrants who settled in the southern United States.

The mayor, who has been in office for over a month, said the comment referred to his efforts to combat racism in the ministry.

“My fight at the police station was fighting racism throughout my journey, and I was seriously thinking about fighting it, and it was attached to it, It’s a question asked, and you got my response based on what the question was, “he said.

The head of the city’s largest police union immediately issued a statement defending Adams.

“Whenever a controversial video of a police officer is published online, we seek fairness, not anger, and we apply the same standards here,” he said.

“We talked to Mayor Adams about this video. We’ve spent too much time together in the hospital’s emergency room for the past few weeks. We’ve been working together for decades before that. A few seconds. The video doesn’t show our relationship. There’s a lot we need to do together to support our members on the street. “

Adams’ apology came the day after he met President Joe Biden in New York City and met with the best law enforcement officers to discuss plans to try to reduce gun violence in the city.

The president’s visit came after two New York Police Department members were killed in a shooting in Harlem.


Associated Press reporter Michael R. Sisack contributed to this report


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