New York doorman saves a 9-year-old girl from daytime assault: “I have to do something”

Hotel doorman New York Foretold as a hero after he steps in to help a nine-year-old girl who was the victim of a daytime assault.

Compassionate Neil Johnson, 60, assaultHe noticed it, and a suspect, later identified as 27-year-old Raheem Ramsarran, chased him, Law enforcement agency Police said authorities could arrive.

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According to police and witnesses on the scene, Ramsaran was acting violently at the Plaza Hotel around 11:00 am. Florida..

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In New York, NY, the Fifth Avenue area will be completely empty on Friday, March 2020. The city officially announced the closure of all non-critical businesses and issued a blockade order at the beginning of the week. Photos by Erin Lefevre / Nur Photo via Getty Images

“I saw a woman crying, and they’re running away from this guy, and he’s walking fast towards them, so I had to do something,” Johnson said. Told the New York Post.

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After that, he took action and soon got help from another pedestrian.

“I broke between them and this crazy man, and another man joined me. He clearly saw everything happened, so we couldn’t go. I confirmed, “he added, according to the report.

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The girl’s mother, Yelena Contreras Molerio, 36, told the outlet that her daughter had been treated in the field and refused further treatment.

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New York, NY-March 20: A view of the Wonder Built during sunrise from the Hudson Yards Edge Observation Deck on the first day of spring on March 20, 2022 in New York City. Photo by Noamgarai / Getty Images

Another witness to the incident, Ahmed Ahmed, 41, said New York post He saw the suspect “push the girl to the ground” before escaping, but did not witness a punch.

Johnson speculated that he was suffering from mental health, but the cause of the attack was not immediately clear.

“The girl will never want to come to New York City,” the doorman added, according to the report.