New York High Court denies Trump’s complaint and paves the way for testimony


New York (AP) — The New York Supreme Court rejects former President Donald Trump’s last efforts to avoid testifying in a civil investigation into the state prosecutor’s business practices on Tuesday, and will take testimony next month. Paved the way for.

The state Court of Appeals said there was no “substantial constitutional issue” justifying intervention in this matter after last month’s decision of the Interim Court of Appeals enforced a subpoena of Trump’s testimony.

The court also dismissed Trump’s lawyer’s motion to withhold the subpoena and said it was “academic” to leave the subpoena because it had not taken up the appeal of the former president in the first place.

Trump and his two eldest sons, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., agreed last week to answer the question under an oath from July 15th, unless the Court of Appeals decides to intervene.

A message was sent to Trump’s lawyer asking for comment on Tuesday’s decision. Alan Futerfas, a lawyer for Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., declined to comment. A message was also left to a spokesman for Attorney General Letitia James.

On May 26, the state court’s appeals department ruled that Trump had to take testimony, and James’s office questioned Trump and other specific persons in his company, the Trump organization. He upheld the lower court’s ruling that he had “clear rights.”

In her three-year study, James obtained a loan, insurance, and tax cut for land donations, with the Trump Organization exaggerating the value of assets such as skyscrapers, golf courses, and even penthouses in Manhattan. He states that he has revealed the evidence.

A lawyer in her office told the judge last month that the evidence could uphold a proceeding against the former president, his company, or both, but the lawyer said no decision had been made.

Trump blamed the investigation as part of a “witch hunt” of political motivation for him.