New York landlords publicly call on tenants not paying rent with large banners

A New York City According to local reports, the landlord is publicly ashamed that the renter did not pay the rent after earning a $ 17,000 backrent.

Calvin and Jean Thompson put up a banner on the ground floor rental property in Queens stating, “My tenant on the ground floor is not paying rent.” New York post report. You can see a huge banner from Belt Parkway.

Rent has reached “insane” levels for us as a whole and never ends

“It’s unpleasant to have to hang these, but $ 20,000 is unpleasant, so I think the signs are very small,” Thompsons’ son Calvin Jr. told the paper.

Thompsons told the paper that after raising the rent from $ 1,800 to $ 1,900 (the first increase in nine years), the tenant refused to pay the new amount.

Residents told the paper that they tried to drop $ 1,800 in rent instead of the new amount, but Thompsons refused to take it. They said it was when they stopped paying rent.

“I don’t think a $ 100 increase in life for almost a decade is unreasonable,” Calvin Jr. said. “Because of COVID, we have a lot of landlords in our situation. Many evictions are stuck. She knows this and she intends to survive it.”

The New York peasant eviction moratorium expired in January. Individuals who apply for rental assistance will have eviction protection while the application is being reviewed. But home advocates say such protection will not last forever.

According to the post, nearly 20,000 evictions of peasants are pending in New York City alone.

Meanwhile, the New York State Legislature and the Senate have proposed adding at least $ 1 billion to the underfunded New York emergency rental assistance program.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.