New York Mayor candidate Yang is campaigning after kidney stones

New York (AP) — New York City Mayor Andrew Yang resumed campaigning the day after he went to the hospital for kidney stones.

Yang’s campaign said he planned to visit an Easter egg hunt at Queen’s County Farm on Saturday and meet with campaign volunteers at an open street location in Brooklyn.

According to co-campaign manager Chris Coffey, 46-year-old Yang went to the emergency room on Friday after experiencing a stomachache. All of Yang’s campaign events on Friday have been cancelled. The stone finally passed, he said.

Yang’s wife, Evelyn, tweeted the latest information from the hospital on Friday, stating that it was the same hospital where both of their children were born.

“Andrew is doing well with medicine with the best care team ever,” she writes. “We’re joking about how this kidney stone is our third baby. Apparently it’s the closest man can get to work. Best wishes to all of you.”

After failing to campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Yang submitted more than 20 documents to run for the city’s limited-time mayor Bill de Blasio in the Democratic preliminary elections on June 22. One of the candidates.

In February, Yang tested positive for COVID-19 and was quarantined for about two weeks.

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