New York orders Russian sanctions and invites Ukrainian refugees

New York (AP) — New York Governor Kathy Hokul signed a presidential directive on Sunday banning transactions with Russia, including canceling investment with Russia.

The governor also said New York welcomes Ukrainian refugees In response to the Russian invasionAt a press conference in Albany, her state is the largest Ukrainian population in the United States..

“We have opened our hearts, homes and resources to the Ukrainian people and said,’We are standing with you,'” Hokul said. The federal government estimates that approximately 140,000 of the more than one million people in the United States reporting Ukrainian ancestry live in New York.

“If you need a place to stay, come here. We help you blend in with our community,” she said. Very recently. “

Hochul did not immediately elaborate on state sanctions on Moscow, but noted that New York’s economy was larger than Russia’s.

The Governor’s presidential directive means that the state “does not allow its own investment activities to support Russia, either directly or indirectly, because Russia commits these human rights abuses and atrocities.” To do.

Ukraine has filed a proceeding with the UN Supreme Court accusing Russia Genocide plan..

“We strongly condemn Putin and Russia’s actions against this unprovoked attack, which now leads to atrocities against innocent humans, and that is unacceptable,” Hokur said.

New York sanctions obey them Published by President Joe Biden last week Targeting the Russian financial system. Mr Biden said the United States would block the assets of major Russian banks, impose export restrictions on the country’s high-tech needs and sanction its business oligarchs.