New York Police Department investigates six synagogue attacks in three days as possible hate crimes

A series of attacks targeting synagogues throughout New York City over the weekend are being investigated as possible hate crimes, officials said.

Six attacks on the Bronx synagogue from Friday to Sunday have been investigated by the New York Police Department’s Hate Climb Task Force. Surveillance footage released by police appears to indicate that the same man may have been involved in several attacks, and police are asking him to cross-examine.

Attacks occur in a wave of national violence, including mass shootings targeting Asian Americans and a series of hate crimes. This includes the Friday night incident in East Harlem. A 61-year-old Chinese-American was attacked from behindA surveillance video was displayed, knocked on the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head.

Two of New York City’s synagogue attacks occurred on Friday, three on Saturday, and another on Sunday, said NYPD detective Dennis Moloney. Each happened late in the evening or early in the morning.

In each case, police say the man broke the window at the synagogue. He was captured in a surveillance footage of at least one attack, dressed in dark clothing and throwing rocks at windows.

The Riverdale Jewish Center was struck many times, and windows shattered in the young Israel of Riverdale and the conservative synagogue Guadas Israel of Riverdale.

In a statement to USA TODAY, the Riverdale Jewish Center stated that its leaders are working with law enforcement agencies to secure the facility and help find responsible persons. No one was injured.

“The fact that someone specifically and repeatedly targets the place of worship is a great pain for all of us,” the statement read. “Such hatred is simply unacceptable.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo accused the attack.

“I was stunned,” he said. “We do not tolerate discriminatory acts that seek to divide us rather than bring us together. I immediately assist the New York Police Department’s Hate Climb Task Force in conducting an investigation conducted by NYPD. We are working with the Jewish New Yorkers. – An essential part of the structure of our state – Like all victims of prejudice, and I I look forward to seeing this investigation resolve quickly. “

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: New York synagogue attack prompts NYPD hate crime investigation