New York Supreme Court Disables Governor’s Maskman Date for Schools and Public Areas

New York State Education Department (NYSED) Issue a statement On Monday, a judge in the State Supreme Court told the school to continue following the mask orders of Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul after breaking the rules.

Important reason: Authorities pointed out the case in Albany County, where a judge from the State Supreme Court dismissed the objections from the two school districts, and ruled that Hochul and the state health commissioner had the authority to establish a mask mandate at school. did.

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  • In a statement, NYSED appealed the State Department’s decision on Monday, saying that it would “provide an automatic stay to clearly restore Maskmandate until the Court of Appeals makes further decisions.”

News promotion: Enacting legislation to end COVID is “only entrusted to the Legislature,” said Thomas Raidmaker, Judge of Nassau County. Written in the opinion..

  • “If the legislature that voted on behalf of New Yorkers decides to enact a law requiring face covering at schools and elsewhere after publicly informed debates, the Secretary is appropriate. It may be well based on what was promulgated and enacted in. Rules supplementing such laws. “

What they are saying: “My responsibility as governor is to protect New Yorkers through this public health crisis, and these measures will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives,” Hokur said in a statement. ..

Notable: The New York court system has a Supreme Court in each county, which acts as a court-level court with general jurisdiction. The State Court of Appeals is the best court in New York.

Big picture: Judgment is coming In the surge of cases In New York.

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