New York Times editorial board “obstructs” the sight of the American flag

on Tuesday, New York Times Editorial committee Mara Gay Decorates MSNBC Morning Joe She talks about her tragic trip to Long Island last weekend.

In the midst of a broad conversation about the January 6 Parliamentary riots and the more common Trump voter tragedy, she said, “Citizens with the simple virtue of having to share democracy with others. I believe their rights as are under threat. “As whites.” — Gay has entered a less scary talk time.

“I was on Long Island this weekend and was really upset when I was visiting a really dear friend. Behind dozens of pickup trucks, blame for Joe Biden, the Trump flag, and in some cases Saw dozens of American flags on it. Sunny. It says, “This is my country, this is not your country. I own this.”

“Correct!” When the gay story reached its climax, co-host Mike Bruzezinski joined.

Gay was keen to describe the on-defeated bumper sticker he found on the horrifying Long Island pickup truck, but she didn’t say anything. Secular midnight monologue The exposure of Americans almost every night for the past four years.

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