New Zealand announces new police authority to tackle explosive violent gang crimes


The New Zealand Government has announced new powers and tools for police to use in combating gang violence and intimidation. This has escalated to the point where the situation is compared to South Africa.

Police Minister Chris Hipkins said recent brave gang activities were “totally unacceptable” and New Zealanders were more worthy.

Some new forces include the ability to find and seize weapons from gang members during conflicts, and the ability to detain vehicles under expanded crime.

Work is also underway to strengthen the sector-wide approach to juvenile delinquency.

“Police have called for legislative changes that provide more tools to crack down on violent crimes and other criminal acts,” he said. Media release.. “We will listen and introduce a package of changes targeting this activity as an omnibus amendment as soon as possible.”

“These are practical and targeted measures that help police do their job to keep the community safe. We are interested in the actual solution, not the empty slogan.”

Justice Minister Kiri Allan added that efforts are underway to address the underlying driving forces of the crime to ensure that the issue is addressed “at both ends.”

“We know that people don’t become members of the gang overnight, and that the causes are complex and often transgenerational,” Alain said.

“We will steadily step up preparations for interventions and precautions focused on keeping young people away from the lives of organized crime groups.

“In particular, we will take a closer look at the youth judicial system to see how changes can be made to improve both the lives and public safety of endangered youth in the long run. . “

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COVID-19 Former Minister’s Response Chris Hipkins spoke to the media at a post-ministerial press conference at Parliament on June 28, 2021 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images)

Kuomintang says not enough

Opposition said it supported the proposal, but believed that the proposal was not well-developed and simply “tampered with the edge of the problem.”

“People have long sought greater search power for police to steal firearms from gangsters’ hands, so it is positive that the government is ultimately acting to provide police with firearms. But that’s still not enough, “said Chris Penck, deputy police spokesman for the National. Said..

The National Party bans gang patches, police authority to prevent gangs from communicating and planning criminal activity, decentralized notification authority, and unjustified searches to confiscate guns from members of violent gangs. He has long advocated a unique four-point plan, including empowering.

National leader Christopher L’accent said the most powerful way is to reduce the number of illegal guns accessed by gangsters.

“It requires what we call a firearms ban order with unjustified search power in order for us to be able to do it, so police are members of the gang who are actually using illegal guns. I have a tool to track down, “he says. Said Reporter.

Mixed response from minor parties

But the Greens called for further action to address the root cause of the crime, rather than “many of the same simple solutions we know do not work.”

“Recent episodes of gang violence and crime will be horrifying to Fanau and our community, but giving police extended authority addresses the issue of organized crime and violence. It doesn’t prevent or keep people safe, “said Goris Galaman, a spokesman for Greens justice.

Galaman pointed out that Maori, New Zealand indigenous peoples, and the Pacifica community are much more likely to be searched. She called for more focus on Maori solutions and smarter gun control.

Meanwhile, the ACT Party said the tougher actions against the shooting were “postponed for a long time.” New data This shows a 26% increase in firearm crime among gang members between 2018 and 2020.

“It’s a shame that things had to get so bad before we could finally take any action,” said Nicole McKee, ACT’s justice spokesman.

“The new focus on this gang is to stop workers from targeting law-abiding firearm owners and create a firearms registry that gang members can see as a shopping list of firearms that can be stolen. I hope it means destroying. “

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