New Zealand expects Australia’s “travel bubble” to remain open despite the outbreak of a new virus in vaccinated workers

New Zealand officials reported on Tuesday that workers at Auckland Airport tested positive for COVID-19, but wondered if the new case deserved an order to suspend an unquarantine trip with Australia. It was.

Australia and New Zealand launched a travel bubble on Monday after closing the border between non-citizens and permanent residents in March 2020 to contain the pandemic.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “When we opened, both sides knew that we, of course, would continue to have incidents related to our borders.” “We accept that it will be part of our journey. I think Australia is accepting it.”

New Zealand health officials have been in contact with Australian health officials, according to Ardern, with no first sign that the so-called “travel bubble” would stop.

Ardern told Auckland reporters that infected workers who had been completely vaccinated against the virus were cleaning planes from countries known to have the virus.

The worker was negative on April 12, but she said she was positive as part of a routine test on Monday, adding that contact tracing was underway.

Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt said New Zealand’s health care system is “fully confident” in containing new infections.

“I’ve seen them deal with inevitable outbreaks, and there will be other days when the incident happens in Australia,” Hunt said during a media briefing televised in Melbourne. It was.

Border closures, snap lockdowns and rapid tracking systems have allowed Australia and New Zealand to keep COVID-19 numbers relatively low.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Australia has recorded more than 29,500 viral cases and 910 deaths, while New Zealand has more than 2,200 confirmed cases and 26 deaths.