New Zealand leader accuses children of teaching “white privileges” in the classroom

New Zealand opposition leader Judith Collins has accused the country’s Ministry of Education of planning to teach children about the perception of “white privileges.”

The scheme, called Te Frihanganui, was launched in October last year with the goal of “countermeasures against racism and injustice” and accelerates the educational outcome of “Akonga Maori” (meaning student in Maori). The purpose is to do.

One of Te Hurihanganui’s goals is to “build a critical consciousness.” This means “critically reflecting the imbalance of power and resources in society and taking anti-repressive actions in a better direction. It recognizes the privileges of whites and races. It means understanding discrimination, understanding the injustices that Maori is facing, breaking through the status quo and strengthening fairness. Website says..

“It’s bad enough for adults, but it’s absolutely shameful if it happens to our kids.” Collins said At the AM show on May 26, he added that the people behind the plot should be fired.

Collins said privilege is more related to socio-economic status than skin color, and these initiatives are simply building divisions and creating hatred.

“The real privilege is education with parents who love and care for you,” she said.

last year, Collins said She asked reporters that she was “totally tired of being treated by the devil” because of her ethnicity.

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the Christchurch Cole International Leaders Summit on May 15, 2021 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Mark Tantrum / Getty Images)

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern dismissed Mr Collins’ concerns and said the government is currently focusing on the budget.

“The opposition leader is clearly focused on other things, because that’s not what we teach, and I disagree because it’s not at the heart of what we’re doing as a government. It’s not something I’m used to. ” Ardern said Reporter

The ACT New Zealand has also expressed concern, with leader David Seymour questioning why young children are being taught white privileges.

“That’s a big irony here. They say they’re fighting systematic racism.” Seymour said Talk ZB. He added, “This kind of policy is systematic racism.”

According to Seymour, children are taught to be either “just lucky” or “victims” based on their skin color.

“It wouldn’t really help either group,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Kelvin Davis said Te Frihanganui is important for driving change by supporting everyone in the education system.

“The education system is not working for everyone in New Zealand. One of the biggest reasons for this inequality is systematic racism. Te Frihanganui is a community to fix it. Is a way to learn what works with Davis said..