New Zealand Prime Minister refuses to overturn resident delivery to China

New Zealand’s retired Justice Minister Kris Faafoi has refused a bid to overturn the delivery of permanent residents to China on suspicion of murder.

Farfoy said the decision by the New Zealand Supreme Court to hand over Kim Kyung-yup to China “remains appropriate” despite his health.

Kim, a South Korean citizen, is suspected of killing a young woman in Shanghai in 2009, and he strongly denies it.

He has been diagnosed with several physical health conditions, including liver disease, kidney disease, and brain tumors that are not currently being treated.

Kim’s lawyer, Tony Ellis, also showed that Kim’s mental health was deteriorating and he was at “significant risk” of suicide and needed psychiatric care.

However, Farfoy said Kim “manages” his mental health at home by taking antidepressants and sleeping pills.

“I don’t think my health is” abnormal “or” compulsory. “Your health does not meet the high threshold required for s30 (3) (d) [Extradition] You should not act and rule out your surrender, “Farfoy said in a letter to Kim dated June 10, obtained by The Epoch Times.

“I think your health can be properly managed in China. In China, you can get medical care when you are detained.”

The former Minister of Justice also accepted a “guarantee” from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and said Kim would not be tortured and would be able to contact New Zealand representatives “at all reasonable times.”

However, members of the Global Alliance on China Policy (IPAC), consisting of Australian, New Zealand and European politicians, warned Farfoy that Beijing’s promise should not be trusted.

“There is no reliable way to monitor whether a person handed over has been tortured after being given a diplomatic guarantee. Such a guarantee is not legally important.

“It is noteworthy that diplomatic guarantees have repeatedly failed to protect people from torture.

“The widespread and well-documented practices of torture in custody are: [People‚Äôs Republic of China] The system, coupled with the lack of a reliable way to monitor treatment, should eliminate surrender to China, “members said in a letter to Farfoy on April 22.

Epoch Times Photo
Police and guards will interfere with crowd control after an official launch ceremony on October 1, 2021, next to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the country. (Kevin Frayer / Getty Images)

In addition, Kim’s lawyer Tony Ellis submitted a report from Chinese expert Clive An3 in 2021.

However, although Farfoy believed in An3’s report and other supplementary material provided by Kim’s lawyer, including the 2021 US State Department’s report on China, “especially relevant to your situation. It’s a resource and I have little emphasis on it. ” .. “

Ellis further called the minister’s decision “injustice” and could not understand how he came to his decision without expert medical advice.

“He seems determined to hand over Kim. I don’t know what political pressure he is under, but it doesn’t seem to be a rational decision,” he said. Staff news..

Ellis brought the case to the UN Commission on Human Rights on June 4, saying that international observers could confirm that Beijing was still using torture.

Meanwhile, Farfoy has announced him ever since. Resignation from politics, Wants to spend more time with his family. His resignation came three days after his decision.

Rebecca Chu


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