Newborn baby in the trash can of Air Mauritius toilet

Newborn baby wrapped in a blue blanket

It seems that both mother and baby are fine.

Mauritius airport staff found a newborn boy abandoned in the trash can of an airplane toilet.

A 20-year-old woman from Madagascar suspected of giving birth on board was arrested.

An Air Mauritius plane arriving from Madagascar landed at Sir Saywood Saarlam Gouram International Airport on January 1.

Airport officials discovered it when they screened the plane for regular customs inspections.

They rushed to a public hospital to treat their baby.

The woman, suspected of being the mother of the child, initially denied that the boy belonged to her, underwent a medical examination and confirmed that she had just given birth.

She was placed under police surveillance at the hospital.

She and her baby are said to be fine.

A Madagascar woman who arrives in Mauritius with a two-year work permit is charged with abandoning her newborn after discharge.