Newcomers shine at Harley Pro’s Sunset Beach

Veteran and established Championship Tour (CT) surfing competitors have been a source of concern after the Harley Pro Sunset Beach CT event unveiled a new wave of young talent.

Ended Friday (Saturday, Australia), wildcards and local North Shore hero Baron Mamiya won the men’s trophy, and the women’s final was won by host Costa Rica’s experienced Brisa Energy. .. Young rookie played quarterfinals and semifinals.

After losing to final winner Kelly Slater, Mamiya finished 11th in the Billabong Pro Pipeline, climbing further at the Sunset Event and backing up world-class barrel riding in a great rail game. Shown that it is the entire package.

In the semi-final against Brazilian Caio Iberi, Mamiya came from behind and headed for him in just one minute, taking advantage of the small waves that Brazilians should have prioritized. Mamiya squeezed the waves, surpassing Iberi’s score and winning the berth in the final.

“I couldn’t believe he let go of me. I rode all the way to Vals and planted most of my face on the reef,” Mamiya said. World Surf League (WSL).

Then, in the final, he played against veteran CT surfers and Olympic silver medalist Kanoa Igarashi, and Mamiya defeated Inform Japanese surfers from 17.00 to 12.33, demonstrating the best performance of the event.

American Jake Marshall, also unfamiliar with CT, proved that it could be matched with a big gun and showed a consistent form to finish in 5th place at the event.

Epoch Times Photo
Brisa Energy of Costa Rica won the competition by surfing on the final day of Harley Pro Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu on February 18, 2022 (photo by BRIAN BIELMANN / AFP via Getty Images).

Meanwhile, in the women’s final, Costa Rica’s Brissa Hennessy defeated veteran CT surfer Malia Manuel, a Hawaiian.

Hennessy made history by winning the first CT event in Costa Rica.

But Hennessy, Manuel, and other veteran CT competitors had to fight many talented newcomers who threatened to eliminate them.

Hawaiian 19-year-old Gabriella Brian defeated seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore in 16 rounds, followed by Hawaiian and informal rookie Luana Silva. Book a spot in the semi-finals.

In the 16th round, Silva himself eliminated Brazil’s Tatiana Westonweb, who finished second to Carissa Moore in the 2021 CT final.

Another rookie who won the semi-finals was 16-year-old Betty Row Sakura Johnson. He showed great technique and mature attitude and consistently scored high scores throughout the event.

“Betty Row is very dangerous. Her sculpture is very dangerous,” Hennessy said. WSL After their semi-finals. “These new girls are very good.”

Next, Australian rookie Molly Picram and India Robinson played in the quarterfinals, the former defeating world champion Carissa Moore in 16 rounds.

This also happens after Hawaiian rookie and wildcard Moana Jones Wong recently had her first CT event on Pipeline.

These young stars are certainly rocking the tour, and it will be interesting to see if their shape continues towards Event 3, Peniche’s Super Tubes MEO Pro.

The event window for that event is from March 3rd to 13th.

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