Newman announces execution of Liberal Democratic Party and Senate


Brisbane, Australia — Former Queensland Prime Minister Campbell Newman has joined forces with the Liberal Democratic Party to run for the Federal Senate.

Newman, who was prime minister from 2012 to 2015, issued a statement two weeks ago and resigned from the Liberal National Party at the end of the state conference. Only Liberal values ​​are Australia’s broader values. “

He has been panning the blockade of COVID-19 in recent months, which he says is endorsed by both major political parties.

“Australia needs true leadership. Strong, wise and balanced leadership.” Newman said in a statement on Sunday, “Confronting the powerful elite and bureaucrats who are casually sacrificing our freedom.” Brave enough leadership. “

A Sky News commentator declared his political career more than six years ago, but recently said he had an approach from supporters seeking a return to politics.

Newman, Lord Mayor of Brisbane from 2004 to 2011, has promised to hold the “fire foot” of both major parties because of the disappointment of voters.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose parents were senior ministers of the coalition government, accused Australia of abandoning the ideals of a small government Liberal Party during a pandemic.

“Sadly, Scott Morrison disappointed us with a very illegal big government overkill,” he said.

“(Labor leader) Anthony Albanese represents outdated socialism, inflicting huge debt on children and destroying our culture with awakened nonsense and bureaucracy.

“We need to return to true leadership and a strong and wise government.”

After serving in the Australian Army for 13 years, Newman worked as a consultant until he was elected Mayor of Brisbane.

Liberal Democratic Party President John Humphreys said Senate’s candidacy was part of a plan to shake the political situation.

“Although there is little relentless attack from workers and protection from self-attached LNPs, a large community that appreciates his” possible “attitude, many years of government achievements, and his traditional commitment to Australia. In part, he is very popular. “Values ​​and true leadership,” Humphreys said.

“Don’t make mistakes. This is just the beginning. The party, founded 20 years ago and consistently devoted to the principles of small government and personal freedom, is trying to do more. . “

LNP leader David Chrysafururi didn’t want to comment on Newman’s announcement that the party planned a “strong and united” course two weeks ago.

“Mr. Newman chose to go in the other direction, and I don’t want him to have any illness,” he told reporters.

Federal elections must be called by September 2022.