Newsmax hosts claim that Derek Chauvin was “sacrificed by a mob” as a right-wing outlet accused of racism

& Lt; p & gt; Tuesday Newsmax Host Robert Schmidt & lt; / p & gt; (Newsmax / @ JasonSCampbell)

Newsmax host Robert Schmitt on Tuesday

(Newsmax / @ JasonSCampbell)

Newsmax Host Robert Schmidt was accused of racism by saying that Derek Chauvin was a “sacrifice to a mob” after a former Minneapolis police officer was found guilty of killing George Floyd.

Chauvin’s conviction of killing Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020 was celebrated Tuesday by Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and crowds in the city, calling for 46-year-old Black’s justice. Continued.

The organizer of Rob Schmidt Tonight said on Tuesday that Chauvin’s conviction was not a fact of the trial, but a response to the fear that Minneapolis would be “burned” by activists for the justice of the case. Said.

“They say justice is blind. I don’t think they were totally blind in this case,” Schmidt told viewers.

“I think you have political pressure. I think there is pressure from all these activist groups, and after all, people say: to burn to the ground,” Schmidt said. Said.

“So you had a jury who said,” What do you know? We will have to sacrifice this man to a mob. ” And that’s exactly what I think happened today, “added Schmidt.

This statement was challenged on Twitter with user Brandon Davis. comment: “The mental gymnastics this guy is experiencing is incredible. The whole video doesn’t seem to be there. [of Mr Floyd’s murder]”.

another I have written A conservative TV caster said, “I should stop his racist job.”

Minneapolis officials were sentenced to prepare for the demonstration, but companies in the city entered and a state of emergency was declared, but Chauvin’s murder conviction on Tuesday was the number in the city. Relieved the tension over the week.

Schmidt’s remarks were one of the many controversial reactions to Chauvin’s trial, which was filmed on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, igniting national demonstrations and weeks of anxiety. ..

Tucker Carlson, the host of conservative Fox News, Alleged “Facts are no longer important, always [Black Lives Matter’s] The founding myth is at stake. “

Mr. Carlson continue “The mob has no right to destroy our city. Under no circumstances, for any reason,” said Schmidt.

Activist and writer Amy Siskind wrote: twitter: “Tucker Carlson is not disappointed. The jury opens the show lamenting that Chauvin was found guilty of being threatened and pressured by BLM protesters (he calls it a riot).”

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