Newsmax hosts suggest that Ketanji Brown Jackson, who has not yet appeared in the Supreme Court, leaked the draft.


Grant Stinchfield, the host of Newsmax Suggested on Tuesday — No evidence or logic — Justice of the Supreme Court of the future Ketanji Brown Jackson May cause leakage of draft judgment to be dismantled abortion right.

There is one very big problem with this theory. Jackson has not yet appeared in the Supreme Court.

She wasn’t in court when she heard the proceedings over the Mississippi abortion restrictions. She is not involved in the decision at all.

But in the midst of speculation Someone who may have leaked the draftWhich Politico Published on MondayConservatives picked individuals by name, even though there was no basis beyond their own guess.

Jackson swear this summer after Judge Stephen Breyer retires. Stinchfield admitted that she wasn’t justice yet.But he still assumed her May Hire a clerk, they May We have already started work. He has no proof that this is true. Nevertheless, he is “confident” in it.

“I suspect that the first leak from the Supreme Court in history happened shortly after Judge Jackson was confirmed,” Stinchfield said. Flagged by Jason Campbell’s Media Matters in the USA.. “I know if her legal officer, who is convinced she is already employed, will have access to these decisions, perhaps even if she had already worked in the High Court before she swore. I want to. “

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is a radical leftist activist and more radical than any other judge in the history of the Supreme Court, so she will be my first suspect when it comes to leaks.” He continued. “I believe she can undermine the court in this way.”

It’s no wonder conservative hosts take this opportunity to chase Jackson, the first black woman in the Supreme Court of all time. During her confirmation hearing, Republicans repeatedly claimed that she had a radical view. Being a public defender,backing Mainstream criminal justice reform And arbitrage like many other judges.

Along with Jackson, some conservatives suggest that Leak came from the office of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina to serve in the Supreme Court, which is also accused of having extreme views. increase.

Other liberal judges of the Supreme Court, who are white, have not been accused of leaking speculation.

The Supreme Court’s opinions and drafts are very closely adhered to, which is part of the reason Leak was such a shock. Judges usually vote in advance on which direction to go, and then select one member (in this case, Judge Samuel Alito) to write the majority opinion.

The draft opinion is then circulated between the judge and his support staff. Changes are lobbying and ultimately the judge may decide to fully adopt another decision. At present, the ruling in this case is not final.

However, this process does not include sharing the draft outside the courtroom, so if anyone makes this claim, they need real evidence to support it. Whether Stinchfield believes it.

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