NHS Heroes at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition

NHS Doctor Outside Nightingale

NHS Doctor Rich outside Nightingale Hospital painted by Melissa Scott Miller

The NHS “Hero” photo will be the highlight of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ annual exhibition.

The show, which features about 200 works, will be held next month at Mall Galleries in London.

A painting by Melissa Scott Miller of a doctor outside London’s Nightingale Hospital is in the work on display.

The PPE medic painting “Amanda” by artist Kate New Inton will also be featured.

Artist Melissa Scott Miller said in BBC News that her painting (shown at the top of the page) was born “as many people do, with the courage and selflessness of life-saving medical professionals. I was very impressed and felt that way. ” Helpless, just draw in my flat / studio. “

Her painting, which she wants to be seen as “a sign of our gratitude,” is from a doctor called Lich who sent her a picture of herself by scrubbing and PPE.

“He was actually in the middle of an incredibly tough shift at Nightingale Hospital. He volunteered to help there shortly after the call came in,” said Scott Miller.

“I thought he had a very nice face, so I decided to draw him without a mask,” she says. “I think it worked. Of course I never met him, but I worked hard to catch him from the picture.”

Amanda of Kate New Inton

Amanda of Kate New Inton

Kate Newinton created a collage portrait of Amanda, a blood-thinning specialist at the forefront of South Tyneside District Hospital, after her daughter Holly asked for a portrait of her mother as a surprise.

New Inton worked from the selected photo. “I enjoyed making several versions,” she said.

“This is probably the only portrait I’ve ever made of a person wearing a mask and helmet!

“It’s really a pair of eye portraits-the eyes needed to express as much as possible about the whole person. It was a huge order and a unique challenge.”

Both artists said they could create their own portraits for free, inspired by painter Tom Croft, who set up an Instagram page to match artists with frontline workers.

“All human life is celebrated”

The Royal Society exhibition aims to celebrate the “diversity of this fascinating genre” of portraiture.

“It also shows the popularity of commissioned painted portraits by institutions and individuals. All human life is celebrated here and exhibitions always include some famous faces.” The association said.

“Portrait is a fascinating barometer of current trends and holds a mirror of nature in reflecting modern British life.”

Celebrities in the exhibition include actress Dame Maureen Lipman and actor Joe McGann.

This year, one of the artists featured at the exhibition will be awarded the new £ 20,000 William Rock Portrait Award. Other established awards include the £ 10,000 Ondaatje Award for Portraits and the Prince of Wales Award for Portraits.

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