Niantic Labs revealed how they developed AR glasses

Niantic Labs AR glasses

Jon Hanke (Twitter)

Niantic Labs since 2017 yearJust when they started to develop their own AR glasses, CEO John Hanke is here today Twitter A photo of the glasses was posted on the post, saying that they were revealing their progress. In the picture, there is only one corner of the glasses. I can see that there is an opening under the mirror arm like a microphone or a speaker, so it is difficult to say whether the direction of Niantic Labs is like Google Glass and HoloLens with a screen, or Amazon Echo Frames. Voice prompt.

In other words, when Niantic and Qualcomm announced their cooperation with AR glasses, there wasclarify“There is no plan” to develop our own hardware, but to get a reference design so that other manufacturers can use it. On the other hand, Niantic has made acquisitions to promote their global AR content, as well as more cooperation with Nintendo, including the launch of new AR games.