Niantic’s 5G game demo lets you see the future of mobile AR

Codename: Urban Legends

Codename: Urban Legends

With the popularity of “Pokémon Go”, Niantic is firmly established as the boss of AR mobile games. For the future, they obviously have greater ambitions. In addition to the AR glasses that were made public not long ago, Niantic also has great expectations for the 5G era. Recently, they used the existing game elements in their works to make a new 5G game demo called “Codename: Urban Legends”. The players in the video can easily think of Isomitsuo’s classic animation “Computer Coil”. With the blessing of 5G’s high-speed and low-latency characteristics, the reality and the virtual world have obviously been completely integrated in front of them.

Youku video:

In fact, so far, Niantic has reached game testing cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Globe Telecom, Verizon (Engadget parent company) and many other operators. The initial results show that the 5G network can allow the game to carry ten times the number of simultaneous players in the past, and can greatly reduce the degree of delay. In addition, Niantic also believes that with the evolution of network technology, the pressure on the battery will also be reduced, which can further enhance the mobile VR gaming experience.

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