Nicki Minaj reveals personal information of reporters investigating vaccination claims

In the ongoing story of Minage vs. the World, after a series of inadequate vaccine tweets, the rapper posted journalist contact information for an interview.

Nicki Minaj It’s been occupying media space all week long, but it’s not due to new music. The rapper was involved in the controversy following her comment on the COVID-19 vaccine and her claim that family friends experienced dramatic side effects.

Currently, she is angry with reporters who are investigating her statements, publishing them using social media, and disclosing personal information.

Minage took her discomfort to the next level when she exposed two reporters talking to relatives in Trinidad on Friday, perhaps examining her claims about the reaction of her cousin’s friend. Isabel.. She posted a screenshot of the reporter’s conversation on her Instagram story.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj at The Forum’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, CA. (Photo by Fraser Harrison / Getty Images)

She then allegedly posted the reporter’s phone number and business card in a photo of the story, encouraging fans to send threatening and spam calls.

In another story post, Minage wrote:Sharlene Rampersad According to “B * TCH YOUR DAYS ARE F ** KING NUMBERED YOU DIRTY HOE” The Daily Beast..

Lampersad was one of the reporters whose direct message requesting an interview was presented by Minage, he insisted: CNC3If you investigate the story, you will leak information about her family. CNC3 Is a television station owned by Guardian Media Limited, which serves Trinidad and Tobago.

Lampelsad is DM and her outlet is Guardian UK, I will not. Fans and Minage interpreted it as a threat, but Lampersad’s message seems to have been misunderstood without its overall context.

Responded Parents Publish your own tweets to defend the reporters, Video statement Similarly.

It’s all after 38-year-old Minage explained on Twitter earlier that he was absent from New York City’s annual Met Gala. She said she was a new mother and didn’t want to get a jab “just to be seen” because all participants had to be vaccinated.

In a tweet, she said she was still studying.

She then posted a statement about a friend of Trinidad’s relatives who had been vaccinated and had a bad reaction, as previously reported. theGrio..

NS 10 Grammy Candidates Will receive public backlash, including from MSNBC hosts Joylead And that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)..Minage said the White House reached out to invite her to a direct conversation. theGrio..But presidential officials Joe Biden’The office said it only provided a phone call and offended Minage.

“Do you think I’m going to the internet and lying about being invited to the White House? What? Minage ranted on Instagram Live.

Even the Minister of Health in Trinidad and Tobago is a PhD. Terence DejarsinWas urged to make a statement stating that there were no records of Trinidad citizens suffering from such side effects, and said they “wasted a lot of time” to investigate the problem. theGrio..

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