Nicola Sturgeon says SNP branch is paying back money after falsely claiming Covid’s business support

Two Angus chapters were told to repay & # xa3; 20,000 with aid they shouldn't have been given-Reuters

Two Angus chapters were told to repay £ 20,000 with aid they shouldn’t have been given-Reuters

The SNP branch, which claimed thousands of pounds for Covid’s business support, was wrong and the money will be repaid. Nicola Sturgeon Said on friday.

The party was urged to “clean up” the number of branches that claimed support after the two Angus branches were told to repay £ 20,000 with aid they should not have been given.

Arbroath and Montrose’s SNP chapters each successfully applied for a £ 10,000 business support grant to the Angus Council last year, but have since been told that the rules do not allow grants to political parties and repay cash. I was ordered.

Alex King, a councilor and branch accountant for Arbroath West and Letham SNP, said the grant rules did not initially state that political parties were not eligible for support.

The prime minister spoke with journalists on Friday, stating that he “did not know” the other branches claiming the lifeline fund, admitting that it would not be “appropriate use of public funds.”

“As I understand, the rules weren’t broken, but the council decided it wasn’t appropriate, and in some cases the money was repaid, in other cases the process of repayment. It’s in, “she said.

“If I think it is a proper use and is based on the spirit of the rules on the use of public funds, it will not be repaid.”

However, the Tories demanded that SNPs be “cleaned” about how much taxpayers’ money was being charged, claiming that local chapters were encouraged to “play the system” by “senior nationalists.” did.

“If they don’t get clean, police investigations may be needed to find out if there have been fraudulent attempts here,” said Maurice Golden, a conservative candidate for Angus South.

“This cash was designed to help honest businesses through a pandemic that claimed the lives of thousands in Scotland. Instead, nationalists use it for their own selfish purposes. I lined up my pockets. “

In retrospect, Mr. Sturgeon said that 10 conservative branches in Britain were also claiming support, adding that the Tories’ position was “slightly hypocritical.”

“Maybe when someone is commenting on Doug Ross about SNPs, I don’t know if they want to ask if it’s all repaid,” she said.