Nikki Haley called on Pence that Trump was “wrong” about overturning the 2020 elections

Nikki Haley Told fox news On Monday, she believed that Mike Pence “did what he thought was right.”Vice President certifies results Of the last presidential election

Yes, but: The former UN ambassador raised the issue last week by telling Pence: Former President Trump is “wrong” He claims that he may have overturned the result.

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What she says: “Mike Pence is a good person. He is an honest person. I think he did what he thought was right that day, “he said.

  • “But I always say, I just don’t like Republicans to oppose Republicans,” added the former Governor of South Carolina.

  • “Only the Democrats and the media will win when that happens. And we have to keep an eye out in 2022. We have to return the majority to the House of Representatives. Do it in the Senate. I have to get it back. “There were many governor elections to win. “

Notable: In an interview, Bayer asked Haley if she believed the 2020 election results were justified.

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