Nikole Hannah-Jones does not thank UNC and social media responds with support and sadness

Five days after the UNC Chapel Hill Board gave journalist Nicole Hannah Jones a term, the Pulitzer Prize and MacArthur grant winners said they would not thank the graduate school for their alma mater.

Hannah Jones has declined her position at the University’s Hasman Journalism Media School in response to a escalated tenure controversy in national debates. On July 1, UNC trustees voted 9-4 because Hannah Jones’ tenure was not initially part of a five-year contract with the school.

Famous journalists instead attend Howard University as a race and journalism nightchair. The famous HBCU said in a statement..

Hannah Jones announced the move Tuesday morning in an interview with Gayle King on “CBS This Morning.” The reaction from UNC’s journalism school was a mixture of support and disappointment.

Hannah Jones said on Twitter that she would continue to work to improve the treatment of UNC’s black faculty and students and would always be a tarheal.

by Report on News & ObserverAll previous nightchair appointments at UNC included tenure. Hannah Jones’ contract was the first without it.

In a statement signed by 39 Hasman faculty members, UNC journalism professors called the university’s response to Hannah Jones’ situation “humiliating, inappropriate, and unjust.” They also called it a racist.

A black executive at UNC tweeted support for Hannah Jones and asked the university to do more work to support black faculty and students.

Professor Shannon McGregor of UNC Journalism apologized to Hannah Jones on behalf of the school and vowed that teachers would continue to seek fairness.

Journalist Nikole Hannah Jones announced this morning that CBS will decline her tenure at the University of North Carolina.

Journalist Nikole Hannah Jones announced this morning that CBS will decline her tenure at the University of North Carolina.

UNC Student Organization President Lamar Richards congratulated Hannah Jones and said school activists were fighting for more than their tenure.

NC Policy Watch journalist Joe Killian has released a tweet thread comparing interviews with Hannah-Jones and Walter Hussman, a publisher of Arkansas and a donor named after UNC’s journalism school.

Joining Hannah Jones in Howard is Ta-Nehisi Coates, a well-known journalist with MacArthur Fellow. Nicole Tinson founded the HBCU Job Network HBCU 20X20 and praised the move as an HBCU victory.

The conclusion of the controversy over tenure at UNC has led other prominent black journalists to respond to Hannah Jones’ decision.

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