Nine allowed independent Catalan leaders walk freely

Madrid — Nine Catalan separatists pardoned by the Spanish government left prison on Wednesday to cheer their supporters and set long terms for organizing a bid to make Catalonia an independent republic four years ago. I left it.

The Spanish cabinet pardoned Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Tuesday in hopes of initiating a coveted reconciliation in the peaceful northeastern region of the country, but enthusiastic local support for the pardoned separatists. Said that the problem would not go away soon.

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Jordikschart, one of the Catalan leaders imprisoned for promoting the independent Republic of Catalonia in 2017, was sent to Redners Prison in San Joande Villatralada, near Barcelona, ​​Spain, on June 23, 2021. Is raising the flag. (JoanMateu / AP)

Former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junkeras, five ministers, a former local council chairman, and two independent activists walked freely after noon. They spent three and a half to four years behind the bar.

The official Spanish bulletin on Wednesday released government legislation allowing them.

The liberated separatists met dozens of cheers and applauding supporters and relatives who gathered in the rain. The men released in the group hung up a small banner with the words “Freedom Catalonia” in English and a Catalan flag. They spoke to their supporters in Catalan.

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Jordi Pina, a lawyer for Catalan separatist leaders imprisoned for sedition, spoke with the media on June 22, 2021 outside the Redners Prison in San Joande Villatrada near Barcelona, ​​Spain. did. (Joan Mateu / AP)

“We know that nothing is over when we are released from prison today,” Junkeras told his supporters in a rebellious speech. “Prisons don’t scare us, it reinforces our thinking.”

Catalan regional president Pere Aragonès and Catalan parliamentary chair Laura Borras also went to jail to release the separatists.

The amnesty revoked the remaining sentence of nine to thirteen years over incitement and misuse of public funds associated with a referendum banned in 2017. However, the law said separatists could not hold public office until the end of their sentence and could return to prison if they violated Spanish law again.

Despite polls showing that many in Spain oppose amnesty, Sanchez defends them, they are popular in Catalonia, and liberating separatists is central and local. Insisted that it would be a new start for the relationship between.

On Wednesday, the political sector was fully exhibited in parliament. Conservative opposition leader Pablo Casado called for the resignation of the prime minister for pardoning without consulting lawmakers.

“You admire the unfortunate day in the history of democracy in Spain. You put the fate of the country in the hands of separatists,” Cassadó said. To power.

Sanchez replied that the decision to issue an amnesty was “brave, restorative, and supportive of coexistence.”

Separatists in Catalonia called on the government to take a step further and follow the “Scottish way” in connection with Scotland’s 2014 Independence Referendum approved by the British government. Scottish voters have chosen to remain in the UK.

By Aritz Parra

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