Nine deaths after a crane collapse in the Kenyan capital: police


On August 26, 2021, construction workers observed the wreckage after a crane collapsed in a construction project to build a 14-story student hostel in Nairobi, Kenya. (Brian Inganga / AP Photo)

Nairobi, Kenya-Kenya’s capital police say nine people were killed after a crane collapsed at a high-rise construction site in Nairobi.

Officer Muturi Mvogo said the crane collapsed at noon on Thursday while being demolished by workers. He said another worker was seriously injured and the collapse is under investigation.

Field worker Michael Odianbo said the crane had fallen after work on the 14th floor was completed. “They didn’t seem to notice that the nuts that tied it were loose,” he said of his fellow workers. “I heard a loud noise, but I noticed that the crane was down.”

According to Odianbo, there were two Chinese engineers among the victims. The project to build a 14-story student hostel is overseen by a Chinese construction company.

Zhejiang Chengjian Construction Africa Ltd said in a statement that it has blocked the site and is working with police and other authorities.

Associated Press