Nintendo: 5.8 million families bought a second Switch last year

Nintendo Switch Lite


Nintendo in theirInvestor Questions and Answers ConferenceOn the above, it was revealed that in the past fiscal year, about 20% of households bought their second Switch console, which is about 5.8 million households.

There are several possible reasons. It is not surprising that most people need to stay at home due to the new crown epidemic, so naturally they need to find some leisure and entertainment. And last year, games such as “Dynasty” and “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit” were also launched. The former will make people stick to the game console and keep running on the island, and the latter is a small car that can operate the entity, there are more than one. It’s time for the match, and there is also the launch of the much-anticipated “Monster Hunter Rise” and more excuses to start.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said at the meeting that they expect more families to have such demand for multiple devices, which will continue to drive console sales. In terms of regions, sales in Asia have the most significant growth, while Europe and the United States still have room to grow, and European orders were partially delayed due to the previous blockage of the Suez Canal.

That is to say, the market has been expecting Nintendo to launch an enhanced version of the Switch console, but this has not hindered sales continued to grow. However, the recent chip shortage problem, according to Furukawa, will also affect this product in the middle of the product cycle. So whether there will be a new Switch in the short term is really hard to say.