Nintendo denies that OLED Switch is more profitable than the original Switch

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo quite rarelyTweet specificallyTo clarify, refute an article from last week Bloomberg Report. In the report, Bloomberg quoted industry analysts as saying that the cost of the OLED version of the Switch is only $10 more expensive than the regular version, but the price is $50 more expensive, so the profit of each Switch has increased by as much as $40. Nintendo didn’t respond to rumors in the past, so why should it be corrected this time is also an intriguing question. Maybe it’s really just “to ensure that consumers and investors understand it correctly.”

At the same time, Lao Ren also pointed out that there have been many reports recently that Nintendo will launch another console “Switch Pro”, which will use NVIDIA’s DLSS technology in addition to more high-end components. In this regard, Nintendo also made a clarification at the same time, saying that they have just announced that they will launch the OLED version of the Switch in October, and there is no plan to launch any new models at this time.

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