Nintendo Switch can finally connect to Bluetooth headsets



In the latest 13.0.0 version update, Switch can finally natively support the connection of Bluetooth headsets or speakers. Nintendo announced that after the update, a Bluetooth audio option will be added to the Switch system settings, and a status icon will also be added to let you know whether the Switch is connected to a headset.

It should be noted that the new function is limited to audio output, and players cannot use the microphone to speak through the Bluetooth device. After connecting the Bluetooth audio device, the Switch can only be matched with two controllers, so if you want to use 4 or even 8 controllers, you must disconnect the Bluetooth headset. In addition, although each Switch can match up to 10 Bluetooth devices, it is limited to connecting to one of the Bluetooth audio devices at a time. When playing a local multiplayer connection, the Switch will also automatically disconnect the Bluetooth headset.

Since its launch, the Switch has lacked the function of Bluetooth audio. In the past, if you wanted to connect a Bluetooth headset to the Switch, you had to use a third-partyBluetooth headset adapter. In the past few updates, Nintendo has not only added support for USB headsets to the Switch, but considering that you can use the Bluetooth headsets that you usually use in mobile phones or laptops, this update will make the Switch even better in wireless use.

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