No.4 Louisville woman defeats No.14 Irish in a bitter match

South Bend, Indiana (AP) — Both Jeff Walz and starting guard Haley Van Lis on Sunday when 4th Louisville visited 14th Notre Dame for the second Atlantic Coast Conference meeting in two weeks. I didn’t expect an easy time.

They certainly didn’t expect to rout Ireland’s 86-64 on the home court in a game that had some bitter moments in the second half of the first half.

“It’s the best first half I’ve ever played against the top 25 teams,” Waltz said.

“They are really good basketball teams. If they don’t host the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament, I’ll be shocked,” he said.

The Cardinals led 31-3 after the first quarter, scoring the first 10 points of the second period.

Louisville was 48-6 when Notre Dame Cathedral made a series of baskets. This was second before halftime after Olivia Miles stole at 2:49. Miles and Mikasa Robinson took part in a match-up after exchanging words.

Dara Mabray and Van Lis of the University of Notre Dame also whistled with a deliberate foul after a long video review and enthusiastic discussions between Waltz and Niele Ivey of the University of Notre Dame.

“It was just a competitive basketball. We both had to protect the players,” Vanlis said. “It was just a moment.”

Ivy said: “There was a foul and some people pushed back and forth.”

“Apparently, Dara must have touched her and pushed her. I obviously don’t tolerate it. It was probably a more frustrating situation,” she said.

Vanlis and Kiana Smith each scored 20 points. Emily Engstler added 17, and Chelsea Hall had 13 for Louisville.

The Cardinals (25-3, 16-2 ACC) led 41-3 at the beginning of the second quarter. They defeated Ireland (21-7, 13-5) six times in a row at a conference close to the regular season for both teams.

At the meeting in Louisville on February 13, Cardinals won 73-47.

Louisville wanted to win the regular season title if North Carolina’s third place lost to Virginia Tech’s 23rd place later that day. Regardless of the outcome, Louisville will be the second seed of the ACC postseason tournament and will have a double buy in the quarterfinals on Friday.

“That wasn’t the result we wanted,” said Ivy, who clinched a double-buy in the quarterfinals on Friday.

“The shots in Louisville go out. I thought they were ready. They came out awesome. They really didn’t come out until the end of the third quarter,” he said.

The mile ended with 13 points, with Notre Dame, Maya Dodson and Mabray scoring 12 points each and Sonia Citron scoring 10 points each.

When the Cardinals rushed to lead, Ivy tried to stop Louisville’s momentum by taking turns with a time-out, but nothing went wrong.

Louisville made the first seven shots at the opening 4:38, leading 18-1. Notre Dame hit only one of the 13 shots when the former four Irish National Skyler Digginssmiths were seen by bystanders.

Big picture

Louisville: Cardinals have been in the game from the beginning, especially beyond the 3-point line. They hit the first seven three pointers in the first quarter and didn’t miss a long distance until the beginning of the second quarter. They finished shooting 58.5% (38 of 35) from the field. This includes 57.1% of the 14 8 3 pointers. Louisville also won the board 40-22 battle with Syracuse graduate Enstra and added 10 rebounds to complete the 10th double-double of the season.

Notre Dame: The Irish wanted to put behind them the bad mood that remained from the Cardinals’ 73-47 victory in Louisville two days ago. But their bad start from the field-at some point the Irish had one basket in 18 attempts (5.6%). Louisville’s fast start was a long afternoon at the Parcel Pavilion, where Notre Dame was 13-0 before the rout. Irish surpassed Louisville 49-32 in the second half, finishing 41.5% (22 out of 53) shots.


Louisville: Cardinals won a double-buy as the second seed of the ACC tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina, and played the quarter-final match at 6 pm on Friday.

University of Notre Dame: Fighting Irish won a double buy in the ACC tournament and played the quarterfinals on Friday at 11am or 8pm.


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