No cause yet for a Vancouver home fire that killed a family of three

Vancouver — A house fire in Vancouver left the smell of smoke on Monday after three people in the same family, including a child, were killed and two others were injured.

Fire authorities have not yet confirmed what caused the flames on Sunday.

Assistant chief Brian Bertuzzi identified a child under the age of 10, the mother and grandfather were killed, and the grandmother and father inhaled smoke.

A handwritten sign near the stairs in front of the burnt bungalow says “We love you, Ivan” and “Our prayer to you, mom (and) grandpa”. I am.

Susana Mora lives in the house next door and says she was awake with her little son when she heard a loud voice and scream.

Mora says he heard a loud pop-like sound and screamed louder, but he couldn’t understand it because his voice wasn’t in English.

Fire chief Karen Fry said when rescue workers arrived around 7:30 am on Sunday and found two adults injured outside while the other family members were still indoors. The basement of the house was “completely wrapped” in flames.

Fry said in a statement that it was not yet known if the smoke detectors in the house were working.

Preliminary findings from the investigation showed nothing suspicious, the statement said.

A search for land ownership revealed that Kam Wing Chik, who is listed as a businessman, and Miriam Yuk Chun Bob, a nurse, bought the house in 1991.

Another handwritten sympathy note left outside the house is “Mrs. Chiku” and the other three.

Canadian press