No, LeBron James didn’t say “girls can’t even stab their friends anymore”

Claim: LeBron James said, “We are in a place where girls can no longer even stab their friends.”

A candid celebrity voice for social justice, professional basketball star LeBron James made waves this week when police officers in Columbus, Ohio posted and deleted a photo of a 16-year-old Makia Bryant shot dead. Ta-an old black girl.

Originally from Ohio, James posted the words “You’re Next” in all capital letters on Twitter with an hourglass emoji and the hashtag #accountability. He quickly removed it and said the post was “used to create more hatred.”

But the Los Angeles Lakers star never lamented that Bryant wasn’t allowed to stab someone, as the posts scattered on social media claim.

Columbus police officer Nicholas Riadon shot and killed Bryant on April 20, just before the jury returned three convictions for the killing of George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Body camera footage released that night Police show that Bryant has a woman and a knife fixed in a car when Riadon shoots her.

Facebook posts use James photos. Some are on the court of his 23rd jersey and others stand in front of the media to answer questions. .. “

Fake quotes A satirical website, The Glorious American, Some users did not receive the note.

“I’m confused as to what he really said then I lost all respect.” One commenter April 22 Meme.

In response to USA TODAY’s inquiry to a general website email, an individual identified as Editor-in-Chief Scott Flores stated that the content was “100% satirical.” Flores is not listed on the website.

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What do we know about Brian’s death?

Columbus police answered 911 calls about the attempted puncture wound at around 4:35 pm on April 20, and about 10 minutes later, police officers on the scene reported the shooting. According to Columbus Dispatch.

According to police, Riadon, a 22-year-old police officer who joined the agency in December 2019, shot and killed Bryant.

Body camera video show When Riadon left the cruiser, there were some on the driveway of his house. Brian is moving towards another woman who has fallen to the ground with a knife in the video. Bryant then moves towards the third woman towards the hood of the parked car.

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Before shooting Bryant, Riadon says “get off” several times. Police officers provide medical assistance after the Brian falls to the ground. She was declared dead at 5:21 pm. According to the dispatch.

The Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau is investigating the shooting.

Police officers shot dead a 16-year-old black teen after arriving at the scene in response to reports of being stabbed in Columbus, Ohio.

Police officers shot dead a 16-year-old black teen after arriving at the scene in response to reports of being stabbed in Columbus, Ohio.

What did LeBron James say?

The day after the shoot, James posted a photo of Riadon on Twitter.He later Deleted the tweet, Say in follow-up “I was tired of seeing blacks killed by police,” he said.

“I deleted the tweet because it’s being used to create more hatred. It’s not about one officer,” he writes. “It’s about the whole system, and they’re always using our words to increase racism. I’m anxious for more accountability.”

In another post, James said, while he was still angry “what happened to that Lil girl”, the anger “doesn’t help any of us, and it includes me! But all You can collect and educate the facts! “

He never suggests that Bryant should have been allowed to stab someone.

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That claim seems to date back to The Glorious American post. A website with the tagline “Satire for the Right”. And it’s wrong. “ It attributed this quote to James: “Well, that’s where the girl can’t even stab her friend anymore.” USA TODAY can’t find a credible mention that James said so. was.

“We strive to clearly label all content as satire, and insist that other media outlets do the same,” the website editor emailed USA TODAY.

LeBron James and his longtime business partner Maverick Carter will be co-owners of the Boston Red Sox.

LeBron James and his longtime business partner Maverick Carter will be co-owners of the Boston Red Sox.

Our decision: wrong

According to our research, James’ claim that “a girl can no longer stab a friend” is false. This claim originated from a satirical website, but became a meme that was picked up and widely shared throughout Facebook, and some users began to believe it to be true. USA TODAY could not find a reference to James quoting in a trusted media source.

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