No North Carolina Man Boat Found in Azores Islands


Carolina Beach, North Carolina — A man’s boat in North Carolina went missing for seven months and was washed ashore in the Azores Islands, thousands of miles from the last marina seen, officials said Monday.

Joseph Matthew Johnson has not been found, but Carolina Beach police said the Azores Islands officials said that a boat registered under his name was about 2,700 miles (4,345 kilometers) across the sea last week in São Jorge. He said it was launched on a small island in the island.

Police said Johnson was last seen leaving the marina of the Federal Point Yacht Club on a boat on November 22nd. Police said a 44-year-old Carolina Beach resident was reported missing five days later by a friend who arrived in town for a previously arranged fishing trip.

In a video surveillance on November 22, the boat left the marina where he lived, and the last ping from Johnson’s cell phone was from off the coast of Boldhead Island at 5:17 pm on the same day. .. Colby Edens said on the phone on Monday.

The US Coast Guard’s search for Johnson in November covered approximately 7,500 square miles (19,425 square kilometers), but the search was suspended because no new information was found, media reports said.

When the boat was discovered on June 21, it had a heavy accumulation of barnacles and algae, which indicates that it had been caught in the sea for quite some time, Edens said.

Portuguese authorities are collecting evidence and assisting Carolina Beach police in their ongoing search for Johnson.

Johnson’s mother, Mary Kay Anderson, said his family was confident that he would find him alive, Star News reported. Retired US Army Special Forces soldiers have toured Afghanistan and South America for 24 years, and Anderson believes he has the skills to survive in dangerous situations and elements.

“It’s not just hope,” Anderson said. “We know he is alive and pray for his miraculous rescue.”

Associated Press