No one in Texas wants to ban all guns.I just want the common sense of the leader

Public schools promote racism

Systematic racism is also alive in our public school system. Mathematics and English failures are widespread in minority school districts. This is the biggest obstacle to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Minorities have no choice but to be systematically driven to poor grade schools. Most minority families have no viable choice.

If you really want to resolve the social and economic differences between ethnic groups, you need to start by reforming the public school system.

-Ricardo O. Schultz, Fort worth

High speed train journey would be great

The story on Wednesday’s first page, “Texas may be closer to the front line as the United States is serious about high-speed rail,” was interesting. It probably never happens in my life, but I’ve always wanted a high-speed rail system to serve our area.

It’s a dream to take an express train to visit Galveston on a day trip or to get off on Padre Island for a few days without getting tired of a very long drive.

-Linda Van, Euless

Sanity gun measures are needed

Every time the Democratic Party is elected president, Americans buy more semi-automatic firearms. Every time a mass slaughter occurs, Americans buy more semi-automatic firearms. Every time gun control advocates propose wise gun control and ownership laws, Americans buy more weapons.

Governor Greg Abbott wants to declare Texas a “Second Amendment Reserve.” Eighty-five percent of Americans support all gun sales background checks, 79% support gun shows and personal sales background checks, and 64% of Republicans support a ban. Assault-style weapon.

More than 100 Americans die from guns every day. Americans want their representatives to do what they are chosen to do: follow the will of most members and pass these measures.

-Victoria Kemp, Grandberry

I just want common sense

Fort Worth needs to elect a mayor who advocates common sense gun safety measures. It starts here for us.

-Sandra Soria, Fort worth

Complexity of immigration issues

The March 25 letter (9A) to the editor had the correct subheading — “There is no simple immigrant fix” — but the text was dishonest. The United States accepts more legitimate immigrants than any other country. Legal immigrants are on a rational path to citizenship, which has worked well for many years.

What is happening at our southern border is the humanitarian crisis caused by the government’s inability to understand multiple aspects of the immigration problem. President Joe Biden and his advisers are concerned about the serious incidental human casualties caused by their anti-Donald Trump policy, as long as many of these migrants cross our borders illegally. There is none. Collateral damage includes trafficking, drug trafficking, rape, murder, and abandoned innocent children.

-Chris Sunford, Burleson

Look at the big picture

John M. Crisp’s “Did you lose the fight against climate change?” (March 31, 11A) Sounded like what I wrote five or six years ago. I thought climate change depended on my personal behavior until I realized that a wider systematic change was needed. Our personal carbon dioxide emissions play a role in changing culture, but major changes to our energy system require action.

The move requires your voice telling representatives that climate change solutions are important to you. Organizations such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby allow everyday citizens to speak out about measures such as carbon prices. Your voice makes a difference.

–Breanna Cooke, Dallas

Texas can lead the climate

As mentioned in an article on the top page on March 19, “Austin legislators clash over electricity price revisions, customer impact after a winter storm,” Texas lawmakers said. We have regulations in place to protect the grid from harsh weather events such as the moon. But they can and should do more.

Most researchers conclude that greenhouse gas emissions contribute to these unprecedented meteorological events. To reduce carbon emissions, you need to unleash Texas innovation. House Concurrent Resolution 22 recognizes the scientific consensus that anthropogenic climate change is a reality and calls on lawmakers to support measures to reduce emissions. Encourage your representative to support it.

–Daniel DeWilde, Fort worth