“No one was driving,” Tesla said before a deadly, fierce clash that continued to rekindle, according to Texas police.

According to Texas police, no one was driving the Tesla Model S when it hit a tree and burned, killing two people in the car.

The crash occurred around 9 pm Spring subdivision, KTRK reported.

According to the outlet, first responders arrived at the scene after receiving a call about a forest explosion.

Mark Harman, Police Officer, District 4 of Harris County, said: Two passengers in the car KHOU reported that he was declared dead on the scene.

Authorities found one in the passenger seat and another in the back seat, according to the outlet.

Police have not disclosed the names of the passengers.

Officials say the car's battery continues to reignite, making it difficult for the fire brigade to extinguish the flames.

The car’s battery continued to reignite, making it difficult for the fire brigade to extinguish the flames, officials say.

Result of investigation,”No one was drivingHarman told KPRC.

According to the KPRC, authorities do not believe that anyone else was in the car when the crash occurred.

For Tesla vehicles Autopilot function This allows the car to “automatically steer, accelerate and brake in the lane under your active supervision,” as described on the company’s website.

It has not been reported if the vehicle was in autopilot mode at the time of the collision.

According to KPRC, police said the car was driving at high speed when it ran through the road at a corner of a dead end and hit a tree. It quickly burned.

KTRK reported that the battery of the electric vehicle continued to ignite completely while the crew was working to extinguish the fire, making it difficult for the crew to extinguish the flame.

According to KHOU, the crew took four hours to extinguish the fire, using over 30,000 gallons of water in the process. Herman said he had to contact Tesla to help the crew extinguish the flames.

Autopsies are reported on both passengers, according to KPRC reports.

McClatchy News has contacted Tesla for comment.

Spring is just north of Houston.

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