No uniform, but the royal family shows medals and military ties at Prince Phillip’s funeral

Royal members wear medals when chasing the hearse of Prince Edinburgh at Windsor Castle-Hanna McKay / Reuters

Royal members wear medals when chasing the hearse of Prince Edinburgh at Windsor Castle-Hanna McKay / Reuters

They may not have been in uniform, but the military ties of the royal family were clearly visible in the medals they wore. Funeral of Prince Edinburgh Saturday.

The queen is a man Must wear a black tie and a women’s daydress morning suit In fear that the Duke of Sussex will be the only senior royal family Not a uniform After abandoning his royal and military ties last year.

The Duke of York also caused a turmoil by demanding to go Dressed as a captainAlthough his promotion to that rank in the Royal Navy was postponed after he resigned from public service in November 2019 because of his relationship with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

All Queen’s children and the Duke of Cambridge wore the Order of the Garter. It represents the Order of the Garter, the highest rank of the Knights, in the British honor system and in the sole discretion of the sovereign.

The oldest member of the royal family, the Duke of Kent, 85, who participated in the walking procession, wore the King George coronation among other medals and attended the coronation of the Queen, including Prince of Wales, in 1953. Did. The Royal Princess and the Duke of Gloucester wore the Queen Elizabeth II coronation medal.

Photograph of Prince Phillip's funeral and military procession

Photograph of Prince Phillip’s funeral and military procession

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew all wore Royal Navy long service medals and Canadian Army medals, in addition to silver, golden, and diamond Jubilee medals. These medals were also worn by his younger brother, the Count. Wessex. The quartet also wore medals from New Zealand.

Prince Andrew was the only royal family to see active service at the funeral with Prince Harry and wore the South Atlantic Medal in the rosette awarded after flying a helicopter in the Falklands War in 1982.

Prince Harry, who played the star of the Royal Victorian Order and recognized his outstanding personal service to the Queen, State and Federation, also wore his Afghan Service Medal.Former Army Captain Provided two tours, 2008 and 2012.

Some royals wore medals on their collars, as well as necks with insignia on military ribbons around their necks. Prince Charles wore the Order of Merit, and Prince Harry wore the Knights of the Royal Victorian Medal.

Lieutenant General Timothy Laurence, who has been married to Princess Anne since 1992, wore a necklace of the Order of the Bath. The Duke of Gloucester wore the Knights of St. John, and the Duke of Kent wore the Order of St. Michael and St. George.