No wonder the ‘squeaky Inquisition’ wants to stop Peterson’s Ottawa talk


It looks like there’s another flock of nosy waking warts worried about canceling Jordan Peterson. Ottawa has a spider web of left-wing organizations, a sensitive sensibility that Dr. Peterson named one of his world-class, world-famous lectures on in the United States, the site of the Houses of Parliament. I’m already burning with the idea of ​​doing it in the capital. A monument to the most basic freedoms, freedom of thought and speech.

Don’t look now, it’s Squeamish Inquisition

There were 36 groups, or 30 groups, with thousands of Ottawa citizens who Peterson would (a) want to hear from him, and (b) would be happy to hear from him. Everyone shudders at being allowed to speak (I see evidence of his previous talks, one of which I happily hosted as a moderator.(c) — this is the most It’s a strong part — a perfectly capable adult who chooses who he wants to hear and doesn’t want to wake up to, and Ninny, who tries to ban people he doesn’t like, certainly can’t argue properly.

The Squeamish Inquisition’s cry is that Peterson is too ‘dangerous’ to even allow himself into the delicate Ottawa precinct (I like some slightly old words) that he’s famously quiet and disturbs digestion and peace of mind. An awakened cleric who wants to see him canceled.

I don’t know if this latest effort to trample on free speech is somehow related to the University of Ontario College of Psychologists seeking to qualify Peterson as a professional clinical psychologist. Of that group that everyone knows. However, it ranks as a twin effort, equally fat, and holds its place as the one that grabs the attention of the press from an otherwise unimpressive volley of associations.

A notorious anti-Semite, Leif Marouf, could be sent on government funds to “lecture” the broadcasters on anti-stigma. But let me even signal that Jordan Peterson is going to speak in Ottawa.

A little background. Earlier this year, Dr. Peterson visited both Oxford and Cambridge Universities for one week each.

I may solemnly report that both esteemed colleges still exist. Their professors (do they still smoke pipes in these gray and great academies? I hope, but I doubt it unless they’re stuffing them with Mary Jane) remain unclouded by hatred and prejudice, and the students are as vigilant as they are.Peterson If your stay in these sacred academies has improved your open-mindedness.

Peterson has wandered across most of the seven continents, and although Antarctica has few auditoriums, thousands of people are welcoming, kind, and even grateful. He brought glory to the University of Toronto on a scale first established when Marshall McLuhan was in action as a sage, or when Northrop Fry was king of British criticism. (Another note: One of his U of T professors emeritus has been tangled up with the Woke Furies and hasn’t done anything to show his appreciation for decking out their campus. It’s not strange that the U of T remains steadfastly silent and offers no assistance to the world.)

Peterson will give a talk and introduce you to some of the big cities that still stand quietly: New York, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Sydney, Berlin, Lisbon, Manchester and Chicago. In Melbourne alone, 13,000 people came to see this brave and learned man, happily enlightened, unencumbered by an Australian version of the squeaky Inquisition.

After his harmless presence all remains uninflamed and safe. Can the Ottawa Federation claim an equivalent list of Puritans who oppose free speech?

Doesn’t Ottawa deserve the same opportunity as these great world centers? No politician to blame officials? But to expect spine in Ottawa is to expect sunshine in February in Newfoundland.

Finally, you can’t “cancel” Jordan Peterson. He is far beyond the powerlessness of stingy and self-centered “justice purveyors”, and the only real reason for their silly attempts to do so is the It must be a slight craving for attention. Post his manufactured horrors.

Advice to “36”. I will lodge a complaint with the University of Ontario Psychologist. Their Peterson file needs replenishment.

Question: When was the last time someone tried to muzzle one of your speakers? “It’s the damn patriarchy and those bitter heteronorms.”

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Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy is an author, columnist, and former CBC Television and CBC Radio host.