Nordstrom hits southern California with grab and run theft


Reuters video

“Smash and grab” robbery hits US retailers

On Monday, the Nordstrom department store in Los Angeles became the latest target for a wave of robbery. “Smash and grab” robbers (often involving dozens of people) have seen thieves break into luxury retail stores and flee with expensive merchandise. As the holiday shopping season approaches, videos of robbers flood social media, showing masked people rushing into stores in the middle of the night, running out of merchandise bags, and escaping in cars idling outside. .. Los Angeles police said three suspects were robbed of Walnut Creek’s Nordstrom department store before police on Saturday night, according to local police. According to media reports, luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton and Barberry were also robbed, leaving California Governor Gavin Newsom in a dire situation. The state’s highway patrol has directed it to increase its presence near major retail areas, and some brands have announced plans to increase security.