North Carolina General Assembly deadly shoots 42-year-old Andrew Brown Jr.

An adjutant in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, shot dead an unarmed black man while issuing a search warrant.

North Carolina adjutants shot dead a black man while issuing a search warrant on Wednesday, spurring protests from community members demanding law enforcement accountability and immediate release of body camera footage, officials said. I called.

Andrew Brown Junior Crowd

People gather outside the city hall after Pasquotank County Sheriff’s adjutant shot and killed Andrew Brown Jr. at least once.

Authorities will not provide details of the shooting, but witnesses said it Andrew Brown Junior Shot while trying to drive him away, the councilor fired at him many times.He said the car slipped out of Brown’s yard and eventually hit a tree. Demetria WilliamsI lived on the same street and ran out of house when I heard the gunshot.

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“He was already dead when they opened the door,” Williams told The Associated Press. “He fell.” She said the officer tried to perform chest compressions on him.

Automobile authorities removed from the scene appeared to have multiple bullet holes and a broken rear windshield.

The deputy Sheriff of Pasquotank County was put on vacation while waiting for a review by the State Research Bureau, Sheriff. Tommy Uten II I said at a press conference. According to court records, Brown was 42 years old and had a history of drug charges and convictions of misdemeanor drug possession.

Dozens of people gathered at the shooting site Elizabeth CityIn a municipality of about 18,000 people, 170 miles (274 km) northeast of Raleigh, they expressed anger and gathered around Brown’s family. Later, while the city council was holding an emergency meeting, a large crowd stood outside the city hall and put up signs proclaiming “Black Lives Matter” and “Stop killing unarmed black men.” There was also. In the evening, groups gathered in the sheriff’s office parking lot, with a crowd of over 200 blocking traffic on major roads in the city and turning cars.

“The police didn’t have to shoot my baby,” he said. Martha McAllenBrown’s aunt said he raised him after his parents died. McAllen stood leaning forward in Brown’s rental housing. Her eyes were moist with emotions.

Mr. Uten said the adjutant shot Brown at around 8:30 am. The adjutant wore an active body camera at the time of shooting, the sheriff said. State Research Office. Uten also did not say what the warrant was for.

Witness Williams, who was demonstrating outside the city hall on Wednesday night, said Brown, known by his neighbors as “Drew,” was not a violent person.

“I didn’t believe (the officer) really did that because he wasn’t a threat to them. He was driving a car while he was trying to escape,” Williams said.

During the emergency meeting, black members of the city council emotionally talked about the fears of their community in multiple police shootings across the country and begged investigators to remain transparent.

“I’m afraid as a black man,” said the emotional councilor. Gabriel Adkins I told his colleague. “I’m worried that the news that I was shot might be the next person my family might have to see.”

Adkins said companies near the shooting had begun to board the window in anticipation of violence.

“Not only does it need to be transparent, it also needs to be accountable,” said the city council. Darius Houghton, Requested an immediate release of body camera footage, a search warrant and a quick explanation of why it led to the shoot. “I need an answer …. Don’t hide behind something.”

Other councilors urged the community to stay calm until all the facts about the shooting were known.

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Brown’s grandmother, Lydia brown, And his aunt Clarissa Brown Gibson They told the Associated Press that they learned about his death through television news coverage. Both said they wanted the shootings to be thoroughly investigated.

“I’m very angry. Andrew was a nice guy,” said Lydia Brown. The adjutant said, “I didn’t have to shoot him that way.”

Clarissa Brown Gibson said: “I want to know if he received the warrant and why he aimed for the warrant.”

Some of the people who gathered at the shooting site Keith Rivers, Pasquotank County Branch Chief NAACP..

“When will it stop? Mr Rivers said in a telephone interview that he was” verdicted yesterday, “referring to a conviction in a trial of a former Minneapolis police officer on Tuesday. Derek Chauvin With the death of George Floyd. “Is this the open season? At some point it has to stop. You have to make the person accountable.”

The State Department will hand over the results of the review to the district attorney. Andrew WombrePromised a thorough and careful investigation.

“At this point we are looking for an accurate answer, not a quick answer,” The Wombles said at a press conference. “We will wait for a complete and complete investigation … and we will consider it and make the decision we consider appropriate at that time. This does not rush the decision. . “

Elizabeth City is near where the Pasquotank River pours into Albemarle Sound. Here you’ll find the US Coast Guard Air Base, Elizabeth City State University, and the Medical Center, all of which support a number of jobs. According to the US Census Bureau, the city’s population is more than 50% black and about 40% white. Nearly 23% of the population lives in poverty.

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