North Carolina High School distance learners were excluded from the prom, even if invited

Shelby, NC – For many students, the prom is an important memory of high school, but Isabella Kirlow was not allowed to plan to celebrate the last time among her friends.

Senior at Burns High School in Lawndale, North Carolina, Killough was not allowed to join the prom on May 1st Because she is a distance learner.

“After spending a crazy grade, I was very disappointed because I was looking forward to it,” said Killow. “It’s really sad when I realize I can’t participate in the usual things.”

Students were sent an email stating that remote learners would be excluded from extracurricular activities, but none used the word “prom.”

Still, Greg Sur, communications director for the Cleveland County School District, said the school was much more transparent.

“The communication went well at the forefront of the school year,” Shull said. “They have decided if you are a distance learner and want to participate in extracurricular activities. You must be on campus.”

Isabella Killough and her boyfriend Tyler Alewine are posing in prom costumes.

Isabella Killough and her boyfriend Tyler Alewine are posing in prom costumes.

The same conflict has been repeated in school districts across the country, excluding remote learners from the prom as part of a policy to limit extracurricular activities to face-to-face students only.

Several Connecticut And Texas High schools, parents, and students complain about a similar policy that robs high school students of another milestone for those whose grades have been compromised by the coronavirus pandemic. In Omaha, Nebraska, GoFundMe was established to fund socially distant proms for distance learners after a high school restricted proms to face-to-face students only.

“They go to school like face-to-face students.” GoFundMe page.. “Therefore, they should not be punished for what they learn online.”

One Iowa school district reverted to a decision not to allow virtual students to attend the prom after parents expressed concern. WOI reported.

Killough’s mother, Jane Lamb, said she had met with Rodney Borders, executive director of management services, to discuss the issue, noting that the term “prom” was omitted from what is considered out-of-class school activity. I pointed out.

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“When we went to the school district’s office, I didn’t mention anything about the documented after-school activities,” Ram said. “It was never black and white. I don’t think of proms as an after-school activity.”

However, Shull said in an email that the prom is actually considered an extracurricular activity.

“The term is often used within the school community and refers to all activities surrounding the school, in addition to the usual learning courses,” Shull said.

According to Schul, the prom space was limited due to the coronavirus protocol installed at the event center.

“Especially when planning an event, we had to look for a facility because the number of people is related to your way of doing things,” says Schul.

Still, Killough and Lamb say Burns High school officials excluded distance learners and offered proms as an incentive for students who chose face-to-face learning.

“I think it was wrong for them to exclude online students,” Killough said. “Even the emails they sent were embarrassing online students in the tone they used. They especially said that online students couldn’t go even if invited.”

Killough and her boyfriend Tyler Alewine responded by creating their own prom. They ate Italian food on a yacht before joining some friends.

This article was originally published in USA TODAY NETWORK. North Carolina High School Prom Excludes Distance Learners

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