North Carolina Lottery Winners Abandon Luxury Cars And New Homes Into Simple: Driveways

Big homes, luxury cars, and bills are standard when people talk about what to do with prizes in the North Carolina Education Lottery.

But that’s not the case with David Black in Newton, a town of about 13,000 people 55 miles northwest of Charlotte.

He won $ 100,000 in the 100X The Cash game this week. His top priority will be the last thing people think when he wins a lottery.

“I’m going to pave the driveway,” Black said in a news release.

He won 1 in 1.2 million odds According to the lottery website, to win $ 100,000. According to the release, the $ 20 ticket that offered the potential of $ 4 million in prize money was from Newton’s Buffalo Shoals Supermarket & Hardware.

Black received cash at Raleigh’s lottery headquarters on Monday, with prizes reaching $ 70,756 after federal and state taxes, officials said.

For his new driveway, the average cost is “between $ 2,381 and $ 6,489.” According to

It leaves Black about $ 65,000, and he says it will be a little extravagant: he wants a pool.

The average cost for that is about $ 44,575. According to, So Black still has $ 20,000 to fritter.

Good luck to him.