North Carolina mom, daughter missing for more than five years, found safe by US Marshals Service

The Marshal Service in the United States — With the support of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and local law enforcement — on Tuesday North Carolina Mother and daughter who had been No for 5 years.

Amber Weber and her daughter Miracle Smith were reported missing on January 31, 2017, but were last seen on December 4, 2016, when Weber was 21 and Smith was 1 year old. It was 1200 blocks on Martindale Drive in Fayetteville at that time. ..

Authorities found and safely recovered a pair that had previously been victims of abuse at their home in Lemon Lane, Bunnlevel, on Tuesday.

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“The culmination of years of leads and hints has yielded the results we all wanted today. We have successfully recovered a child who has been missing since December 2016. US Marshals Service The research partner did not resign and was deterred until these children were rescued. “

Authorities believe Joe Smith, 59, may be associated with the disappearance of the pair. ATF charged Smith with possession of firearms by a convicted serious offender and was detained on Tuesday.

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According to a press release, authorities have transferred Miracle and “her brother” to the Harnett County Social Welfare Department to help victims.

In a statement, Harnett County Sheriff Wayne Court said, “I am very grateful for the safe placement of the individual due to the diligence and patience of all the institutions involved.” “This is a testament to the professional cooperation between all these institutions and I am grateful to them. These types of investigations are very complex and lead this case to a positive conclusion. It takes a lot of time in the field to do this. “

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Authorities recovered “a large number of firearms from convicted serious offenders” as a result of the investigation, ATF special agent Vince Pallozzi said.

Investigator said WNCN Discovering Weber and Smith on a trailer of real estate owned by the family of her child’s father.

Amber Weber’s father, Monty Weber, told the outlet in an interview Tuesday that she lived with her sister and suddenly left one night before Weber disappeared.

“Our daughter [her sister] “I called and said I took off in the middle of the night,” he told WNCN. I thought someone had come and picked her up, “he said.

The outlet previously reported that Weber was treated at a hospital in Harnett County in February 2018, but her family was unable to contact her at the time.

“We had no way of knowing that,” said Monty Webber. “No one talked to us.”