North Carolina mothers and daughters issued eviction notices after neighbors complained about twerking in the community pool, the report says.

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  • A North Carolina mother said she was kicked out because her daughter was messing around by the pool.

  • Charlotte Observer Marchette Foster reported that he had received an eviction notice from Element South Park earlier this month.

  • Foster has reportedly hired a lawyer to challenge the eviction of peasants.

A North Carolina woman and her 21-year-old daughter were expelled from their apartment after complaints of dancing in the outdoor pool of the complex.

Marchette Foster, who lives in Charlotte’s Element South Park and pays $ 2,600 a month for two bedrooms, said the apartment concierge confronted her daughter on April 30. Twerking On the pool deck Charlotte Observer Reported earlier this month.

In a statement to the Charlotte Observer on May 9, Element South Park said they had been kicked out because of “very unacceptable behavior” from Foster’s daughter and her friends, and the group was captured in a video. Claimed to have been. Very unacceptable behavior. They added that the children were nearby when it happened.

“We are proud to be a diverse community of people and team members from all backgrounds,” said the observer’s statement.

Foster reportedly said her daughter (identified as Alana) apologized to the staff and told them she would stop it.

In addition, Foster told the outlet that the concierge said Alana had too many guests by the pool and did not have the same complaints about the white residents and their groups there. rice field. As a result, Alana’s friend cursed the concierge, she added.

“This is very annoying to me.” I really believe in this dwelling … they are not spreading the rules fairly. “Foster said Raleigh News and Observer.. “You are discriminated against here.”

However, Mr. Foster denied the apartment claim. “They make us rude and moody that we don’t follow the rules,” she said.

The Charlotte Observer reported that Foster had hired a lawyer after being notified of the eviction of the peasant and told him to stay in the apartment after the deadline for the complex.

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