North Carolina police officers fire in court after defendants allegedly attacked people

According to officials, a police officer fired in a court in North Carolina where the defendant allegedly attacked people.

The shooting occurred after someone assaulted at Person County Hall in Roxboro, about 55 miles northwest of Raleigh. Joint statement From the Parson County Sheriff’s Office and the Rocksboro Police Station.

“According to authorities, the defendants in the trial seemed to have tried to attack people in the court, including bailiffs,” the statement said.

The unidentified one was in crisis. Neither police officers nor defendants were identified on Thursday.

“Our heart and prayer are directed at everyone involved,” said David Hess, police chief of Rocksboro. “We ask the community to wait patiently during this process.”

The State Investigation Department handles inquiries with the Person County District Attorney’s Office. The station did not immediately answer the call requesting more information.

The courthouse has issued a recommendation that the rest of Thursday’s business hours will be closed.