North Carolina Republicans hit shameful lows by justifying the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling


You don’t have to justify why you want or need an abortion. However, there are some situations that make it even more rude to deny the basic choices of pregnant people, such as rape and incest.

And now the Supreme Court Overturn the Roe v. Wade caseIn order to revoke the right to federal abortion for nearly 50 years, some Republicans are desperately trying to justify their bold and involuntary supportive decision.

In a deleted tweet, Republican Rep. Greg Murphy, who represents North Carolina’s March 3rd Parliamentary District, boldly declared that “no one will force sex.”

Screenshot of a tweet deleted from US Congressman Greg Murphy (RN.C.).

Screenshot of a tweet deleted from US Congressman Greg Murphy (RN.C.).

According to the tweet published on Sunday, it was maintained for two hours before Murphy finally deleted it. ProPublica’s “Politwoops” databaseTrack deleted tweets by civil servants and candidates for public office.

Needless to say, people force other people to have sex and sometimes lead to unwanted pregnancies. According to the report, nearly one in five women have experienced complete or attempted rape throughout their lives. Survey from CDC.. Many men are also victims of rape.

Murphy needs to know this. Because he is a doctor in addition to being a member of parliament. According to the biography, he is a urologist who attended the School of Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill, served as Chief of Staff at the Vidant Medical Center, and held several prominent board positions. On his website..

Perhaps in the perfect world, survivors of sexual assault were never raped in the first place, so there is no need to choose whether to have an abortion. But that is not the world we live in. It’s shameful that Murphy has erased this reality, and it’s not at all suitable for civil servants. Besides, it doesn’t matter if someone was forced to have sex. That’s exactly what a person chooses to do with his or her body — the choice — and they don’t have to give birth unless they want.

But no matter how the Republicans try to justify the ruling, the reality is that most North Carolinas and most Americans don’t buy it.According to the latest poll, 59% of Americans Oppose the Supreme Court’s decision..The majority of voters say it makes them more Likely to vote in November51% say they will definitely vote for candidates who support federal law to restore their right to abortion.

Republicans know that. They are faced with the political reality that this is not a problem to help them, and they are inadequately responding. And in doing so, they show us exactly who they are.