North Carolina students wore the Mexican flag over their graduation gowns. He left without a diploma.

Asheboro, NC – Lopez at any time Decided to raise the Mexican flag At his high school graduation, he wanted to support his culture. Lopez didn’t expect anyone to strongly oppose this, but the flag rejected Lopez’s diploma.

At the graduation ceremony of Ashboro High School on Thursday night, Lopez held the flag and hung it on his shoulder while sitting. Lopez was sitting near the teacher and no one touched the flag until he got to the stage. Told.

“I just have to represent,” Lopez said. “I did it for my family. They came here to give me a good future.”

The ceremony had a special meaning because it was the first graduation ceremony for a close relative.

When his name was called, he went on stage and prepared to receive his diploma. However, the principal did not give it and talked quietly to him while the line of students was waiting behind him. A few seconds later he got off the stage without a diploma.

“I was very upset myself. I had to suppress my emotions because I was in a public place,” said Lopez’s cousin Adolfo Hartado.

Lopez said the administration told him he was distracted. However, a statement from Ashboro City School said he had violated the dress code.

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According to a statement from a school in the city of Ashboro, “The heart of the matter is the fact that students did not follow the dress code established for the event, undermining the importance and solemnity of the ceremony.” Our dress The code is designed to ensure that the dignity of the event is maintained and fair to all students. Graduation is a groundbreaking event and one individual violates the dress code. It is very unfair to shrink the event. “

The school statement also said that the denial of Lopez’s diploma was not about the Mexican flag, and other students had the flag on their graduation caps and were not punished. According to the ceremony photos and explanations, the Mexican flag Another student with a stall indicating that he received a diploma.

An email from Principal Penny Crux sent to students before the ceremony showed that boys must wear dress shirts and dress pants, and girls must wear dresses, skirts, or dress pants, flip flops. And explained the dress code that tennis shoes are not allowed. The e-mail also states that the clothing must comply with the school district’s dress code policy. The email and school dress code do not mention that the flag is a banned dress code and do not state that students are not allowed to wear anything on the gown.

After the ceremony, Lopez and his parents were called to Crooks’ office. Cropes said he could receive a diploma if he apologized, Lopez said.

After the encounter, Lopez told The Courier Tribune: “You have to apologize. You are doing the wrong thing.”

His mother, Margarita Lopez, shouted: That’s something for racists. “

18-year-old Ever Lopez wore the Mexican flag at a graduation ceremony for his family and paid tribute to his parents, who were Mexican immigrants.

18-year-old Ever Lopez wore the Mexican flag at a graduation ceremony for his family and paid tribute to his parents, who were Mexican immigrants.

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After the meeting, police officers escorted Lopez and his family from the building. Robbie Brown, deputy chief of the Ashboro police station, said police officers had already attended the ceremony and did not send additional police officers. At the request of the principal, police officers escorted Lopez from the facility, Brown said.

As of 3 pm on Friday, Lopez had not received his diploma. His mother called from the school and said he was setting up a meeting with the school manager next week. The school proposed to meet on Friday afternoon, but Margarita Lopez wanted to wait to accompany others so that an interpreter could be provided, as English is not her native language.

About 30 people gathered in front of Ashboro High School to help Lopez on Friday afternoon. Some in the group put up a sign saying “Ever’s diploma for free” or “If you’re not a racist, honk your horn,” while others put the Mexican flag on their shoulders. Every few minutes, cars honked to support their activities along the road.

Jessica Estrada of Asheboro High School also participated in the demonstration.

“Given the fact that I just wanted to show my hometown and pride, I can’t imagine how his mother feels now. He has something that makes a lot of sense to many immigrant parents. The fact that she refused to give it to him is a mess, “Estrada said.

The incident caused a storm on social media with comments on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok. Proponents have launched a petition on to “give this guy a diploma.” The petition was signed by more than 40,000 people as of Friday afternoon.

Lopez said, “I am delighted now because everyone supports me.

Ashboro Municipal School said it was revisiting its dress code policy after graduating Thursday. Representatives of Ashboro Municipal School will get comments on Friday, beyond the school district’s published statement. Could not.

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